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this not a pessimist #red stoplight! this is spirit #red burnin’

We are here..matter to recycling every pieces into something useful

‘nilnac’ products of handicrafts, including; ‘Kotakraft’, ‘Kraftas’ paper bags of various sizes, with a choice of shapes, colors, and types of paper are manifold.  You can order it as; Souvenir, for various events, decorations or gift package, and others. You can see our products in the catalog of products available.
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Kotakraft #5 (Code: AD5KK)

“Recyclipping” Recycled Clipping

@ Rp19.000,00 (with clipping paper)
@ Rp6.900,00 (plain)
Size : 7,5x12x5 cm
Material : art carton 310gr / kraftliner 280gr / seroja 200gr